About Us

About Vellano Shoring

For 70 years, Vellano has been taking care of underground contractors. Now, in its fourth-generation ownership, Vellano Shoring has evolved to be a leader in trench shoring solutions in the Northeast. We are a start-to-finish, one-stop-shop for ALL of your shoring needs.

Vellano Shoring is honored to be one of Efficiency Productions’ longest standing dealers in the country and we are proud to be the exclusive dealer in the Northeast for Efficiency Production, who is the leading manufacturer of trench shielding and shoring equipment in the US.

Years in Business

At Vellano Shoring, we service every contractor and municipality in the Northeastern US, including New York State and all New England states. We are a 24/7 company dedicated to providing the best in quality and customer service.

We look forward to servicing ALL of your shoring needs.